As the world gets warmer…

…and we do nothing about it please buy a copy of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ when it comes out on DVD and show it to everybody you know.  Have a party and sit there gobsmacked as Al Gore, possibly the saviour of the universe’ and an American politician that can hold his head very high indeed, shows the world how stupid it is being – but ask folk not to drive over.  The least you can do is vote Green next time.  This film is important.


Think Hard

Thinkhard logo that works copy 2.jpg

I’ve started a new company. I’m calling it Think Hard and it’s a business and marketing consultancy. I’m working with 60 Watt and Carnyx Group already and loving it. I can freelance plan if you like. I’ll be pitch doctoring for all sorts of folk (I hope) and, you know, just thinking hard. There’s a blog for this too.

You’ll find it at

Albums of the year, so far

Quite lean pickings this year I’d say.  But as ever a few slip through

Bruce Springsteen.  The Seger Sessions.  (which I’ve lost)

Corinne Bailey Rae.  Sorry, but it’s actually really good.

Richard Hawley. Coles Corner (but all his albums are great and he was robbed of the Mercury Prize as The ‘Monkeys’ themselves pointed out) and yes, I know, it was last year really.

The Fratellis.  Costello Music. (With nothing by Elvis on it).

Isabel Campbell and Mark Lanegan.  Ballad of Broken Seas.

Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins.  Rabbit Fur Coat.

Howe Gelb. ‘Sno angel like you.  (Weird gospel stuff with Giant Sand man fronting

Je Pense A toi.  Amadou and Mariam 

Ry Cooder.  Chavez Ravine (different from Buena Vista but great)

Tropicalia.  Various Artists.  Brazilian fun.

Donald Fagen.  Morph the cat.

Wanna buy a car?

This beauty.  A twentieth (late 20th) century classic is available for purchase for only £963.45.  It’s Mot’d for the best part of a year and has 4 months road tax on it.  It’s a humdinger.  120 miles to the gallon or thereabouts.  Built in 1989 by Germans.  When they were good at that sort of thing.  There is less than 3lbs of rust on it.  It never breaks down – except when you put diesil in it.  Which I have only done twice.


The People’s act of Love

This amazing book by James Meek should have won The Booker Prize.  Yet it didn’t even reach the shortlist.  If your idea of a great read is a philosophical whodunnit centring around a bunch of crazy religious zealots, disenfranchised Czech soldiers, cannibals and the Red Army in post war torn Siberia rush out and buy it now.

People’s act of Love

My dad is Santa. Official

Santa pa

Santa in Summertime

It’s official. Pego is Santa at Debenhams, Ocean Terminal, from Saturday 25th November. He will be arriving on Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang at 10.00 am that day.

I don’t know if that will be more exciting for the adults or the kids but I know we will be there to see him.

If your kids aren’t practiced at please and thank yous I’d steer a wide berth. Otherwise get on down before 25 Dec. (He’s otherwise engaged that day.)