Albums of the year, so far

Quite lean pickings this year I’d say.  But as ever a few slip through

Bruce Springsteen.  The Seger Sessions.  (which I’ve lost)

Corinne Bailey Rae.  Sorry, but it’s actually really good.

Richard Hawley. Coles Corner (but all his albums are great and he was robbed of the Mercury Prize as The ‘Monkeys’ themselves pointed out) and yes, I know, it was last year really.

The Fratellis.  Costello Music. (With nothing by Elvis on it).

Isabel Campbell and Mark Lanegan.  Ballad of Broken Seas.

Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins.  Rabbit Fur Coat.

Howe Gelb. ‘Sno angel like you.  (Weird gospel stuff with Giant Sand man fronting

Je Pense A toi.  Amadou and Mariam 

Ry Cooder.  Chavez Ravine (different from Buena Vista but great)

Tropicalia.  Various Artists.  Brazilian fun.

Donald Fagen.  Morph the cat.

6 thoughts on “Albums of the year, so far

  1. Perhaps indicative of a not brilliant year. Mine to follow but Bonnie Prince Billy should be heard. And Scott Walker on vinyl is something to treasure if not to hear (more than a few times).

    And the Raconteurs flies by pretty well.


  2. How about some of these before you finish your lists off;
    Aberfeldy ‘Do Whatever Turns You On’
    Karine Polwart ‘Scribbled in Chalk’
    John Mayer ‘Continuum’
    Amy Winehouse ‘Back To Black’
    Lily Allen ‘Alright Still’ (Classic Pop)
    Neil Diamond ’12 Songs’
    Chilli Peppers ‘Stadium Arcadium’
    ….and there were some great singles this year – The Automatic, The Feeling, Gnarls Barkley, Primal Scream, Nerina Pallot…


  3. So are we ready now for our annual exchange of ‘Best of the Year’ CD’s? How about applying a little self editing by restricting it to 12 tracks maximum?


  4. I think we need to wait another fortnight becuase the second half of the year has surpassed (for me) the first and there’s a few that I want to get through the honeymoon period before committing myself but I think your quality control comment is valid and should be adhered to.


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