Suntrap Garden Centre for Life Long Learning

Suntap garden at Gogarbank run a number of courses and workshops for the amateur gardener.   If anyone’s interested in perhaps learning something new on a Saturday morning, the class costs £5 plus cost of any materials where applicable.

Saturday 16 December    Christmas decorations (10 -12 & 1-3)  – Make Floral Displays and Wreaths for the home; all materials supplied

Saturday 24 February    Pruning Shrubs & Climbers (10-12)              

Saturday 31 March    Introduction to Organic Gardening (10-12)   

Saturday  28 April    Water Features in the Garden (10-12) – Creating and maintaining successful garden ponds

Saturday 19 May    Making Successful Hanging Baskets & Planters – Indicate when booking if you require Plant/Basket supplied

To book call:      Moira at Oatridge College – 01506 864807 or


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