Thai Chicken Curry


My mate Derrick (yes that is how you spell it –  his folks beat the Beckhams to it in the naming stakes when he was conceived in the middle of the North Sea) rang the doorbell at 11.30 this morning looking for this recipe.  I slid from my preternatural pit towards the front door in trepidation having ‘long-lied’ after a veritable feast the night before with a few of our good friends.

‘What d’you want?’ I groggily queried.  I managed to refrain from cursing.

‘Do you have a chicken curry recipe?’ he chirpily responded.

I then spent the next half hour sharing my life’s secrets only for him to…

1     Lose the recipe before he got round to preparing it for the aforementioned North Sea lovebirds and

2    Leave behind the ingredients that I gave him (fish sauce and Thai curry paste to be precise)

I thought that it called then for this week’s recipe to be the dish in question.

This is how you make Thai Chicken Curry.

First off you need a few exotic(ish) ingredients.

Thai Green Curry Paste (or Red if you prefer) – you’ll get it in a tub in one of my favourite Edinburgh Shopping Emporiums (Pat’s Chung Ying on Leith Walk)

Fish Sauce (ditto)

Coriander (ditto)

Don’t buy any of these (or for that matter peppercorns, dried garlic, herbs and spices, soy, coconut milk) from a supermarket – you’ll just get ripped off.  Get tae Pat’s!


Take a tin of coconut milk.  To it add a large spoonful of the curry paste, the juice of 2 limes, 2 slugs of fish sauce and the stalks of the Coriander (retain the leaves).

Fry off four chopped up chicken breasts and then marinate them for half an hour in the coconut milk sauce.

Chop up a bunch of spring onions (1 inch pieces) lightly so they remain crunchy.

Heat up the marinade with the chicken and add the Spring onions at the end. (15 mins later I ‘d say)

Serve over boiled rice with the Coriander leaves sprinkled over.

You won’t need much salt because the Fish Sauce is salty.

You can add thinly sliced red chillis if you want it hotter and you can add mushrooms but they make the coconut milk go brown and look mingin’ (but taste good),  Stick in some red peppers too if you fancy it.

Easy, quick and spicy.  (Use half fat cocunut milk if you don’t want to be a lardass like me -doesn’t make much difference to the taste.)

Serve with lashings of Chardonnay and listen to Joanna Newsom’s new album, Ys, while preparing.

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