The rebirth of Bond


Sadly I was brought up during Roger Moore’s (long) Bond reign. And consequently I thought Bond sucked. So much so that I’ve not even been tempted to explore the much lauded Connery franchise. Recent efforts seem to have been desperate attempts to get back on the rails, but have failed to convince me. But this. This is a proper movie. It is just great. Bond in love? Bond vulnerable? Bond nearly dying? Daniel Craig is simply magnificent. I loved his rudeness and hostility (he barely once says please or thank you during the movie) but when he has to be sentimental he is.

Funny? Ditto.

Sexy? Yip.

Forget comparing this to other Bond movies. Compare this to other movies. It stands up very well.

OK, it is a touch on the long side. But…

Bond is back.

Daniel Craig – if you stay as Bond I’ll be there every time.