Aye oop


James Gandolfini is not the world’s most famous chanteur but why should that stop him being the star of a musical love story based on a man dying of lung cancer?  Romance and Cigarettes is such a concept and features a remarkable (notice I didn’t say good) performance by Kate Winslett as a happy hooker in NYC, but hailing from Wigan or somewhere equally unexplicable.  Think Jane Leeves with the regional accent turned up and you’ll be half way there.

This directorial debut by John Turturro with The Coen Bros lurking in the background is one of the more unusaul features we’ve viewed this year and despite a prepostrous plot, some dreadful acting (see above) and no real point we enjoyed this immensely. 

To recommend it would be an act of generosity, if not folly, but if you want to coorie in to a Saturday night movie with a difference you never know you might enjoy it as much as we did.  The image of Kate Winslett literally bouncing about during congress with Gandolfino is worth the hire price alone.

Another highlight is Bruce Springsteen’s revelation that it “Takes a red-headed woman to get a dirty job done.”  Jeana is permanently assigned to bog cleaning duties after this excellent insight.

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