Jeana’s top books

Here are a list of some of my favourite books.  They weren’t all published in 2006 and there are one or two which just should be read because they are brilliant.  So here goes in no particular order.   I’m going to start with two gardening books, partly because I spend half my life reading them and because the first part of 2006 was spent analysing them in great depth.

RHS Encylopedia of Gardening by Christopher Brickell

A great all-rounder book for anyone interested in gardening.  It will give you information on every aspect of anything you want to know horticulturally.

The Complete Gardener by Monty Don

Mark bought me this last year for my Christmas.  I’ve always been a Jeff Hamilton and Alan Titchmarsh fan, but I really like this.

Unfortunately, I find it really difficult watching and particularly listening to Monty on the TV, but this is a great book. It’s all about organic gardening so you’ll pasrticularly enjoy it if you’re into that kind of thing.  Personally, I have no problem throwing some slug pellets down to stop my Hostas being eaten.  This is a great read, and you do actually read it; not just look at the pictures.

A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving

A superb book that everyone should read.  I don’t care when it was published.

Jesus’ Christmas Party by Nicholas Allen

Every year when the kids were younger I always liked to buy them a book about Christmas.  I bought this for my nephew Denny this year.  I had forgotten how good it was and how funny it is. 

Panic by Jeff Abbot

Very fast paced, easy to read thriller. 

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

You’ll get the analysis from Mark.  I read it on my holiday’s in Portugal and couldn’t put it down.  What more do you need from a book? (More lessy bits. Ed.)

The Cutting Room by Louise Welsh

Very good dark thriller.

The Emperor Series by Conn Iggulden

Excellent.  Not good if you want an exact historic account.  I discovered all sorts about Roman history and thoroughly enjoyed the read.