Latest Viewing

Apart from the sublime ‘Can Gerry Robinson Save The NHS’  (The best thing on TV for a month).  We’ve seen Perfume at the pix (more on that later (but naturally a disappointment as we’d read the book) and Snakes on a Plane which is about snakes…on a plane; and is barry.

Latest listening

Jeana bought me the Tom Waits ‘Orphans (Bawlers, Brawlers and Bastards)’ CD box set for Christmas.  What a long suffering (especially with her current ‘sore-back’ situation) woman she is.

I don’t know if he’s got a ‘Best of’ out yet, but he doesn’t need it because surely this is the first ever ‘Best of’ record purely made up of outtakes and cutting room floor material.


It is better than the critics say it is.  It is peerless.

Three albums.  All completely different.

‘Bawlers’ is his difficult stuff (his late career material).  Tough but good – not easy listening.

‘Brawlers’ is his Asylum Years stuff (unquestionably the only blues singer in the world that I love; and kind of Burlesque too).

‘Bastard’ is mad.  It’s a sort of Frank’s Wild Years’ gone mad.  Insane. 

Oh, what a Smorgasbrod of delight.

Latest reading

I am engrossed in this


A truly remarkable account of hell on earth.  Brilliantly researched and pretty well written.  Very scary indeed.  How would Britian have coped with the Final Solution?  Questions are raised about both France and The Channel Islands who were faced directly with the issue.  Frankly the whole thing beggars belief, but to read such a compelling insight into it is really a very powerful experience.

For fun I am reading this


Louise Welch is a great chartacter writer and loves a bit of seediness.  Bring it on.  Looking forward to the movie of the Cutting Room and this won’t be far behind.