The crossing


I went to a very interesting public meeting last night aimed at widening awareness of the options for a new crossing of the River Forth.  Clearly it’s a political minefileld as representatives of all three major parties (but not the Greens, interestingly) were there, including Fergus Ewing for the SNP.

Three options were aired…

A Causeway.  Very interesting proposition from Bruce Skivvington

A new Bridge. not surprisinglyt put forward by current Bridge Master, Alistair Andrews on behalf of the Forth Estuary Transport Authority (FETA) and

A tunnel.  Proposed by ex Civil Engineer John Carson.  Very much the favoured approach by the majority in the room.  John has an excellent website which I’ve put in my blogroll.  It’s the Forth Tunnel Action Group (ForthTAG) and deserves your support.

Clearly there are pros and cons for all three but for me a bridge is the least convincing argument.

 Whichever wins the day we must put pressure on The Executive to at least make a decision.