Snorah Jones?


I know, I know, it’s really uncool. It shatters what little credibility I have…but I DO like Norah Jones. Sorry. but it’s true. I’ve only listened to her latest album twice and I’m not going crazy about it. But that’s not what she’s about. Is it?

It seems a lot more mature, quieter than her first two albums. All songs are written by her and her beau and on first listnings it’s a good and fairly grown up progression into an even more laid back territory. I confess I’ve not read the lyrics yet or really concentrated on it much yet. But hey, it’s good, so far.

It won’t change your mind if you don’t like her though. In fact if you don’t like her you might think it’s her worst yet. But you know what, with a voice that great and a band as solid as hers, I don’t give a damn.



I took Ria to Livingston for her gymnastics this morning and in the time it took to drive there and back I grinned from ear to ear as I listened to Mika’s much trumpeted debut album.  I’ve heard him being interviewed a couple of times and he struck me a s a classic Youth Theatre luvvie, sexually unsure of himself (probably swings/swung both ways) and all-in-all a bit of a precocious, trumped up twit.

But, and it’s a big but, you have to give it to him that Grace Kelly is the song of the year so far and might see out 2007 as 2006’s ‘Crazy’.  So I was interested in what it would be like.  Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way first.  Yes, he does sound like Scissor Sisters on some of the (least good I have to say) tracks.  And there’s a bit of the Freddie Mercury in there, not just in the voice but in some of the string arrangements too.

Now for the good news; apart from Grace Kelly there are another 5 songs on this album that would grace any album this year.  Lollipop is surely the next number one single, Billy Brown is great fun and could do it too – I think he’s listened to Zappa too by the way.  Big Girl is a rumbustuous ode to the beayuty of Big Girls which I think will really touch a nerve in these anti-waif days.  But two amazing ballads almost steal the show – Any Other World which sounds like his Yiddish grannie has been brought in for a touch of the David Attenburgh’s and Happy Ending, the last track (It sounds like one of those happy clappy, god squad songs you learn at certain kinds of summer camps but it is brilliant.)

Cast aside your concerns, aside from the Scissor Scisters excesses this is a magic pop album to rival Lilly Allen.  Expect a massive showing at The Brits next year.