Oscars. Justice was done.

Of the categories that I cared about. The Academy did their job.

Best Director. Scorsese. Yeah Come on Marty and what a speech. Arf. Arf. About bloody time.

Best Film. The Departed. Undoubtedly.

Best Documentary. Al Gore. Say no more.

Best Actor. Forrest. Agreed.

Best Actress. Queenie. Good lass (thought Penelope might nick it though, but not seen either so what do I know?)

Best Supporting Actor. Actually I thought it was Jack’s turn again, but Alan Arkin was a hoot in Little Miss Sunshine; so that’s OK.

Best supporting actress. Not a great category this year, so not bovvered. I liked the Babelers, both of them, and that’s who I’d like to have seen win it: either of them. Dream Girls had to get a proper award I suppose.

Not seen the rest as I’ve been working since 6.30 am and it’s bedtime.

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