Interesting Saturday

Had a good day today. Went to See Letters from Iwo Jima, with Jeana, which was certainly not your average Hollywood fare, but a bit overated (I’d give it 6 out of 10). It’s a thoughtful and strangely slowly paced movie for a war film (maybe there’s a bit of the old Terrence Mallicks in Clint Eastwood) and it was the right thing to do it all in Japanses and subtitle it. But certainly not a match for The Departed.


On the way home we had a beer at the new wine bar in the Village, the newly extended and refurbished Boat House, which was very pleasant then went home to a well hung ribeye steak , courtesy of our good friend Pete the Meat, so at least there was some well hung meat in our house today.

Followed that up by sitting down to the final episode of a great TV quizshow, Poker Face which thankfully the annoying Canadian Geezer didn’t win. If you missed it watch the next series. Great fun.


Then watched this.


The first total lunar eclipse in 20 years, and not a cloud in the sky. Brilliant!

Finished the evening by falling asleep to the aforementioned, The Departed.  A masterpiece and, no question, 2006’s movie of the year. The kids liked it too!