Good start to the season

Played with my pals at Ratho Park last weekend and haven’t had a moment to gloat.

But I have now…


Had a look at this year v last year at same stage.

Last year (after 8 Rounds) 45 over par (to handicap)

(That’s a joke. Ed)

This year…6 under.

(Better!. Ed)

Perhaps this is it. The year I perform.

(You said that last year! Ed.)

Watch this space!

(You said that last year! Ed.)

No I didn’t I didn’t have a blog last year!

(But you said it to your mates! Ed.)

Shut up ED. Who do you think you are anyway?

(I’m not ED I’m THE Ed! Ed.)

Who cares, your just an interfering twat that’s spoiling my good news and high spirits. Anybody would think your name was Derrick Reid – the oilrig man. I feel really deflated now.

(Excellent. Job done. Feet back on ground! Ed.)