“Calm down, calm down…”


Now, I have a reputation for going a bit OTT sometimes about stuff and I have to say that my recent Mika review was too soon and too OTT. It will NOT be on my best albums of the year list (although Grace Kelly might yet make the songs list).

So I will restrain myself in reviewing the new Ardcade Fire Album. Suffice it say, on the first four listings it is better than Funeral. It is truly epic in its sound and scope. The track with the church organ is awesome. The introduction of Win Butler’s Mrs ( I assume) on vocals adds another welcome layer of texture and it is every bit as dramatic as its much lauded predecessor.

This band walks a truly unique path and, creates a new genre for popular music. When can you honestly remember, after all, the last time you heard a truly unique (in a good way) sound. Hunky Dory? Milk Eyed Mender?, Totalles Turn?, Funeral?

This album is very very good indeed and deserving of your £10 purchase fee. Get your arse down to yourr local music emporium and shell out.

That is an order.

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