Dunfermline 1, Hibernian 0.

That’s it. Another season of underachievement. I know they can’t take the diddy cup away but it feels like the diddy cup now.

Another year for the rest of the world to say that Hibs are the best team not to win the real cup.

That’s 106 years now.

I find it really quite annoying actually. I was very tempted to throw something destructive through the TV when Dunfermline got that pretty soft penalty. When I say tempted, I mean the red haze came over. it is soooo disappointing.

And as for the SFA holding the match at Hampden. The worst football ground in Scotland and only slightly less unreachable than Pittodrie. Well, they just do what they feel like. Don’t they? Why on earth should they give even a nanosecond’s thought to what the fans want. a date with destiny in (I have to admit) the best ground in Scotland. Tynecastle.

What a rubbish way to go out of a cup though. Having played the bottom team (albeit not the lack of form team) in the league for 4 and a half hours we could not put the ball in the net once. Not even a disallowed goal. We don’t even have any gripes on that front.

You know what…I don’t know how to write this without reverting to swearing.

I’m really, annoyed actually.

Despite the disappointment I really do hope Dunfermline put one over the rubbishest league winners in memory. It will be a proud road (and probably a unique one) to victory.





And it’ll spare our blushes.

C’mon the Pars.

Lucinda Williams’ corker


It’s taken a while but at last there are two great albums this year. Following (in truth it preceded but I only got a copy last week) the might Neon Bible by Arcade Fire comes Lucinda Williams’ new album, West.  It lives up to my expectations. I saw her at a half empty Barrowlands gig last year and she was outstanding. For me this is by far her best work to date.

A bit world weary in tone (some, but not me, might say a bit depressing) but stunningly beautiful and crafted. This is a quality artist at the height of her powers.

Very, very good indeed.