Scotland’s Best

My good friend Mr Fowler, of Notes From the Bench fame, pointed me in the direction of this interesting poll.

It’s the top ten Scottish Albums of all time.

Before I had a look (So as I wasn’t influenced by the voting) I thought I’d have a bash. Let me know your own thoughts.

In no particular order…

1 Simple Minds Sons and Fascination/Sister feelings Call. Sublime music before they got all new, gold and dreamy on us.

2 David Byrne/Brian Eno My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. Byrne’s Scottish. That’s good enough for me.

3 Belle and Sebastian. Tigermilk. Which goes to prove at debut albums can be their best (I nearly went for Push Barman to open old Wounds. Pretty much their debut (but ten years late)

4 Camera Obscura. Let’s get out of this country. Lovely, Belle and Sebastianesque pop.

5 Aztec Camera. High Land, Hard Rain. Poptastic

6 Primal Scream. Screamadelica. First is best. Again.

7 The Blue Nile. Peace At Last. (Could just as easily have been “A walk across the rooftops.”)

8 Orange Juice. Rip it up and Start Again.

9 The Associates. Fourth Drawer Down (Hard to choose between this and The Affectionate Punch). Nothing really like this before or since.

10 John Martyn. Solid Air. This is soooo good.

11 Isabel Campbell and Mark Lanegan. Ballad of the Broken Seas. Like Byrne/Eno only half Scottish so that allows me an extra mention.

Close but no cigar…

Mogwai. Come on Die Young.

The Proclaimers. Sunshine on Leith

Aberfeldy. Young Forever

Scars. Author Author. I went to school with them and that may have influenced my vote.

Craig Armstrong. The space between us.

Eddie Reader. Sings the Songs of Robert Burns. (Immense and uncool. But immense nonetheless).

Lemon Jelly. First Album

Mylo. Destroy Rock and Roll

Snow Patrol. Eyes open.

Teenage Fanclub. Any of them. They all sound the same.

Vashti Bunyan. Lookaftering

James Yorkston and he Athletes. Moving up Country.