Lucinda Williams’ corker


It’s taken a while but at last there are two great albums this year. Following (in truth it preceded but I only got a copy last week) the might Neon Bible by Arcade Fire comes Lucinda Williams’ new album, West.  It lives up to my expectations. I saw her at a half empty Barrowlands gig last year and she was outstanding. For me this is by far her best work to date.

A bit world weary in tone (some, but not me, might say a bit depressing) but stunningly beautiful and crafted. This is a quality artist at the height of her powers.

Very, very good indeed.

One thought on “Lucinda Williams’ corker

  1. Been trying hard to like this, but too much misery for a sunny day. Much preferred ‘Car Wheels..’. Had high hopes for the new Alison Krauss collection, but that proved a real disappointing mish-mash.
    Have been enjoying ‘Version’ by Mark Ronson, especially the Lily Allen version of ‘Oh My God’ and Amy Winehouse’s ‘Valerie’. Lots of good stuff on there – check out ‘Toxic’.
    New Miranda Lambert album is good in parts (Nashville stuff)as is the Dolores O’Riordan album, where she manages to hold back on the screechy stuff that I never liked in The Cranberries.
    Laura is torturing me with the new Avril Lavigne album who sounds like she’s actually regressed rather than grown up. If I say Toni Basil gone wrong, do you get the drift? 2 very, very painful hours in the car on Sunday with it on repeat.


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