Dunfermline 1, Hibernian 0.

That’s it. Another season of underachievement. I know they can’t take the diddy cup away but it feels like the diddy cup now.

Another year for the rest of the world to say that Hibs are the best team not to win the real cup.

That’s 106 years now.

I find it really quite annoying actually. I was very tempted to throw something destructive through the TV when Dunfermline got that pretty soft penalty. When I say tempted, I mean the red haze came over. it is soooo disappointing.

And as for the SFA holding the match at Hampden. The worst football ground in Scotland and only slightly less unreachable than Pittodrie. Well, they just do what they feel like. Don’t they? Why on earth should they give even a nanosecond’s thought to what the fans want. a date with destiny in (I have to admit) the best ground in Scotland. Tynecastle.

What a rubbish way to go out of a cup though. Having played the bottom team (albeit not the lack of form team) in the league for 4 and a half hours we could not put the ball in the net once. Not even a disallowed goal. We don’t even have any gripes on that front.

You know what…I don’t know how to write this without reverting to swearing.

I’m really, annoyed actually.

Despite the disappointment I really do hope Dunfermline put one over the rubbishest league winners in memory. It will be a proud road (and probably a unique one) to victory.





And it’ll spare our blushes.

C’mon the Pars.

4 thoughts on “Dunfermline 1, Hibernian 0.

  1. Okay – it’s a shame it was played at Hampden because it is such a shite football ground and to expect people to travel through there for a replay beggars belief. The SFA are a complete disgrace and I would support any non Glaswegian team taking the stance that they refuse to play anything but the Final there.

    I find it hard to sympatise with any Hibs fans though for all of their arrogance over the past few months.

    Hearts are a club under occupation. It’s not much fun being a Hearts fan due to our lunatic owner, but at least we don’t crow about playing the best football on earth and have delusions of grandeur that the Cup Double is in our sweaty hands. Before we’ve played a semi.

    Let’s face facts – Hibs had a chance and blew it big time. These guys like Benjy and Boozy are the ‘pub’ players who shouldn’t even be the chance to pull on the green jersey. There are others but they were so anonymous that I can’t remember their names.

    And while I’m on here – what about Rob Jones? The guy who led the revolt to Rod Petrie. Can he really look himself in the mirror and say not agree that that action alone has cost Hibs a European place through finishing third and a chance to get into the Final itself.

    This time last year he was playing for Grimsby!

    I’ve got lots of friends who are Hibs fans. It doesn’t mean I cannot admit that last night was amusing and horrifying in equal measure.

    For a team with the players Hibernian have had over the years, your underachievement in British football is only matched by Newcastle Utd.

    True Hibs fans deserve far far better.

    Like Mark says – C’mon the Pars!


  2. One comment of uncanny and unusual articulacy for a Jambo(Thank you David for rising to the occassion). One from a Jambo nob-end (Thank you Alan, get back to your day job).


  3. I find myself in total agreement with the Edinburghers who question the SFA’s sanity. It’s hard enough to get to the carsie that masquerades as our National Stadium from the civilised West End of Glasgow so I can only imagine the pain required to travel from the Chilly Capital. As for the Dumfermline fans…well actually I’ve never been there and don’t really know where it is.

    You won’t be surprised to learn that I’ll be rooting for the Pars on Cup Final day in the hope that they ruin the delightful Neil Lennon’s last day out.


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