Dawkins’ thought raiser


This is a very challenging book to read, particularly considering my father’s current state of health.

As a practicing Catholic it strikes right into the centre of my faith. But it is an extremely articulately argued polemic on the existance (not, in Dawkins’ case) of a god (or gods).

I have to say I am finding it very stimulating reading and is making me consider many facets of my belief. But, strangely, I don’t find it either disconcerting or negative.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of it so far (I’m half way through) is the extreme prejudice faced by atheists in the USA and the power of the mainly Christian (fundamentalist?) mainstream.

I find that quite disgusting I have to say.

It’s not exactly Mills and Boon, but there is no question it is a book that any intelligent human being should read. If you think it’s a lot of shit, you can tell Mr Dawkins on his own website/blog.

It’s very active!

On balance, although he is very persuasive, I find his arguments distancing and actually slightly rhetorical in a way. He’s almost so convincing that he makes you want to fight back.

Smugness is not an emotion he is unfamiliar with.

One should read this book.