My old mates at 1576


1576, the company I co-founded in 1993 with my pals then, and now, David Reid and Adrian Jeffery, is going through a difficult metamorphosis just now.

There’s a lot of people-changing going on (and at a very senior level). So much so that it has prompted a number of people to suggest that I might feel a bit of Schadenfreude.

Now, is that not a great word?

The taking of joy in others’ misfortune. There is no equivelant in English – other than gloating and that’s not the same.

For the record; far from feeling schadenfreudish, I feel quite sad actually.

But businesses are living organisms. They ebb and flow. They have mood swings. Good days and bad days. OK, so 1576 is having a bad day, a negative mood and they’re ebbing rather than flowing right now. But believe me, I’ve been there more than once.

Ebbs turn into flows. Negative turns into positive. Bad days into good.

So, it’s all to play for…

Schadenfreude my arse!


That’s my dad at the right of this photo.


He’s looking good, but underneath the surface he is very unwell. I was at a meeting with his Oncologist and my mum today that fairly starkly set out the reality of his situation.

For now we can look on the positive side of things but the medium term prognosis is not good.

I’d like to thank all of you who have posted messages of support in the last few days. It’s really appreciated.

Whilst my frequency of posting might drop you can be sure I will retain a keen eye for a rant, a gag and a bit of light relief. God knows, we might need it!

Who’s the soor faced, unshaven lout in the centre of the picture?

Oh shit. It’s me!