That’s my dad at the right of this photo.


He’s looking good, but underneath the surface he is very unwell. I was at a meeting with his Oncologist and my mum today that fairly starkly set out the reality of his situation.

For now we can look on the positive side of things but the medium term prognosis is not good.

I’d like to thank all of you who have posted messages of support in the last few days. It’s really appreciated.

Whilst my frequency of posting might drop you can be sure I will retain a keen eye for a rant, a gag and a bit of light relief. God knows, we might need it!

Who’s the soor faced, unshaven lout in the centre of the picture?

Oh shit. It’s me!

3 thoughts on “Dad

  1. All our love to Uncle Peter and all of your family. Recently been thinking of my Yumble Dumble days when I bought a Proclaimers CD a couple of months ago. It reminded me of my granny gently coaxing me up at 6am after a friday night in auld reekie for a saturday morning at Yumble Dumbles with The Proclaimers booming in the background and the sweet smell of Egg Mayonnaise being created by Sarah! Not the best combination but good work experience and I have booked to go and see the Proclaimers in November after all these years. Thinking of you allXXX


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