Good guys

In rushing back from portugal to see my dad I had to return the rental car, that we had booked for the fortnight, about 9 days early. 

The rate I got (£207) was excellent for an Astra estate for a fortnight.  Their service was excellent and charming and to top it all off on reaching the return park the company said they would refund my unused time. 

I would have thought early return was a “too bad matey” scenario.

However I’ve just checked my credit card balance and the company refunded me £114 of the £207 I paid for the rental.

I think this is absolutely outstanding customer setrvice and I would like to recommend this company to anyone who goes on holiday to Portugal.

I am really really impressed by this and my regular readers will know how I like to point out bad servive. 

Cheers to the good guys.