The Evening News

In a lovely twist of fate a really nice man, Alan McEwen of the Evening News, phoned me today to gather information for an article they are writing to run tomorrow about dad’s life.

It will appear on Saturday.

Hope you can all rush out and buy it.

Funeral arrangements

These are published in The Scotsman and The Evening News today.

Anyone who read the Evening News last night will no doubt be puzzled that his epitaph was…

“An internal optimist whose dreams came true.”

Sure, he internalised the odd thing like the rest of us, but that was hardly what summed him up.

He was in fact…

“The eternal optimist whose dreams came true.”

A bit different don’t you think.

We have decided that this piece of gross ineptitude would have made him laugh rather than get all upset about it.

However, rest assured, a Pego rant was delivered. And there is one very, very sore arse at The Scotsman.

Anyway the corrected version appeared in the news today. and yes, you’ve guessed it. It was wrong. it now reads…

“The enternal optimist whose dreams came true.”

I made another call!

I wonder what an internal or an enternal optimist is?

Any thoughts?