Ever seen a Cordyline flower?

Neither had I until the one in our back garden went crazy with 8 foot high flower stalks.


The bees are mad for it.


Here’s what they look like normally…


12 thoughts on “Ever seen a Cordyline flower?

  1. We have one about to erupt for the first time into flower, how long does the flower last? are they all one colour? How big is your plant to give an 8ft flower? Does is flower every year.

    Cant wait!


    • this is exactly what has happened to mine with exactly the same flowers, it has been planted for about 6 yrs+. Do you know the exact type of cordyline it is?


  2. Once it flowered, it flowered all Summer.
    Our plant is about 3ft wide, but it was the size of that little plant in the pot when we bought it. I’ve seen smaller plants flower as well, I think they just like the conditions in the UK. I cut it back by about half every year only because I wouldn’t see the other plants beside it otherwise.


  3. A cordyline we planted 6 years ago has flowered for the first time this year! The actual plant from base to top of leaf was 5.5ft, and the ‘flower’ is like a bush on top, adding a further 2.5ft to it’s height. It is planted in a raised bed of only 12 inches of soil, and has only ever been fleece covered for the winter of 2006-7. Fortunately, it’s planted at the back of the bed, and to date has not required any cutting back, but feel the time has come to think about replacing it, due to it’s impending unmanageable height. However, upon reflection, think we’ll leave it for at least one more year to see if it flowers again! Or it could be one of those plants that once it flowers, it dies…………..


  4. Our Phormium (not actually a Cordyline) is also in a raised bed. I cut about half the plant back each year as it grows so much. It shouldn’t die after it’s flowered, I’m hoping ours will flower this year. We’ll post the pictures if it does.


  5. We have two cordyline in our garden that are about 6′ tall from base to top of leaf. In the last 2 days we have seen enormous flowers appear for the first time. They are very impressive. We have never seen one flower before and we are looking forward to watching how it develops.


  6. I have a green, what i thought was a cordyline. I planted it from a pot four years ago and this year it’s grown seven stem’s that are now nine feet tall and it’s begun to flower.


  7. I have a Cordyline that i planted 7 years ago and this summer for the first time, it has flowered with immense height, adding about another 3 feet in height and it seemed to happen over night also. the plant is about 5/6 foot high and about 4 foot wide but has never produced such wonderful red flowers before and the bees love the flowers. Its just great !! I live in Clacton on sea and the Cordyline is planted in a sunny spot. I love it….


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  9. We have a cordyline, the first one we had died a couple of years ago, we think it was the snow and very icy winter we had. The the following spring we noticed a new shoot, we left it alone to see what would happen then we noticed we had two new ones growing, this summer they have both flowered and have reached about (from the stem to the Top of the leaves) 6ft and each one has a flower, can’t wait for the flowers to open to see what they look like.


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