Nae luck

A friend recently told me a story I’d like to share with you.

His mate had gone golfing and upon hitting a drive into the rough went to play his next shot but, in the process, stood in a dog turd that was hidden in the grass.

Leaning on a wire fence at the back of the rough he proceeded to wipe the jobby from his shoe and the motion of wiping caused the fence to vibrate.

Jumping to the wrong conclusion his companion assumed he was holding onto an electric fence and that he was having convulsions, so he ran to his aid, thwacking him across the forearm with his 3 iron to remove him from the fence.

The result?

A broken arm!

Not to be outdone, Pete Mill then told me that his mate was riding a horse and needed to relieve himself.

As he couldn’t be bothered dismounting he sat side saddle and peed from the horse.

The arc of pish made contact with a nearby electric fence and the current traversed the pish, ran through the man’s plonker and ended up grounding itself in the horse, thereby shocking the horse who then bolted, threw Pete’s mate to the ground and ended up breaking his collarbone.

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