The virgin suicides by jeffrey Eugenides


The greatest discovery in literature that I have made in the past year has been this author.

A Greek American; he writes like only a Greek American can do. And not having read any other Greek American literature he therefore assumes uniqueness.

TheVirgin Suicides was Sophia Coppola’s first movie and is a more than passable attempt to bring this book to life, but it fall down in the third act.

The book, on the other hand, is flawless. I cannot recall any other book written in first person plural (like a modern day Greek chorus) and that adds to its amazing style.

Charting the fictional (I assume) suicides of five teenage sisters – that’s not a spoiler by the way – it captures the lust, love and awe inspired in a mid American suburb for these angelic specimens. It barries along at a hundred miles an hour but is written sparingly. How is this possible?

It’s funny, sexy, poignant, provocative, beautiful and unputdownable.

Eugenides’ follow up, Middlesex, which is about modern day hermaphroditism, is also a masterpiece.


Read both of them.


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