MIA New Album Kala

I’ve only heard this once so far but Jeez; it’s an aural assualt.  She’s toured the world to get different sounds from different continents and there’s a lot of “found” sounds used to create amazing, and I mean AMAZING, rythms.

On first hearing it’s the most exciting percussion based album I’ve heard in years.

A BIG progression from the very good debut, Arular.

Here’s a taster.


Candie Payne

Going to see this top Scouser tonight at Cabaret Voltaire.

Should be a cracker. For those of you who can’t make it, here’s something to keep you going.



In the end I went with my Mum! 

A first. 

Both of us loved the gig.  Candie Payne kicks ass and her band are really good too.  I’d liked to have seen them open up a bit more.  Anyway, if you can get to see her on her current tour move heaven and earth to do so. 

Spot on. 

Oh, and it’s fair to say she has certainly avoideda beating with the ugly stick, which is a nice bonus.