Independence for Scotland?


I am not a particularly political animal, (in fact I consider myself politically naive) but I spent a great deal of today reflecting on Scottishness and its values.

For a start, I played golf at Kilspindie in the pouring rain (but beat an Englishman).

He refused to accept defeat as we walked off after 12 holes, completely drenched, because “golf is a game of 18 holes”.

He lost.

Then I happened to watch the Lochaber v Fort William Shinty match on TV, commentated on in Gaelic.

And then, most importantly, I watched Newsnight Scotland and the in-depth coverage of the SNP’s renewed and vigorous bid for Scottish Independence ; a mere 3 months into their, highly creative but minority, governance of Scotland.

I am a great supporter of the Scottish identity, but should it be tied to the Union?

This is a very big question.

For many (modern) years we have debated this in Scotland, but never, in my view, from a standpoint where a further erosion of the stickiness of the Union might actually benefit our nation.

All of a sudden, we have a statesman that, love him or hate him, has a true Presidential charisma and purpose about him.

I have never, including in the last Scottish Parliamentary election, voted SNP (but I nearly did).

But, you know what, Alex Salmond might just be the man that Scotland, as a nation, needs right now. Maybe he has the chutzpah, the gallousness, the balls to lead us out of serfdom and a sense of inadequacy.

Maybe he is just charismatic enough to make us stand up as a nation again and stand against him.

Against who ?


(Our lack of vision, purpose and confidence.)


Just maybe.

Whatever? I cannot ever remember seeing a “local” Scottish politician stand up and make a credible case for independence. Until today. At least we should think about it.