Independence for Scotland?


I am not a particularly political animal, (in fact I consider myself politically naive) but I spent a great deal of today reflecting on Scottishness and its values.

For a start, I played golf at Kilspindie in the pouring rain (but beat an Englishman).

He refused to accept defeat as we walked off after 12 holes, completely drenched, because “golf is a game of 18 holes”.

He lost.

Then I happened to watch the Lochaber v Fort William Shinty match on TV, commentated on in Gaelic.

And then, most importantly, I watched Newsnight Scotland and the in-depth coverage of the SNP’s renewed and vigorous bid for Scottish Independence ; a mere 3 months into their, highly creative but minority, governance of Scotland.

I am a great supporter of the Scottish identity, but should it be tied to the Union?

This is a very big question.

For many (modern) years we have debated this in Scotland, but never, in my view, from a standpoint where a further erosion of the stickiness of the Union might actually benefit our nation.

All of a sudden, we have a statesman that, love him or hate him, has a true Presidential charisma and purpose about him.

I have never, including in the last Scottish Parliamentary election, voted SNP (but I nearly did).

But, you know what, Alex Salmond might just be the man that Scotland, as a nation, needs right now. Maybe he has the chutzpah, the gallousness, the balls to lead us out of serfdom and a sense of inadequacy.

Maybe he is just charismatic enough to make us stand up as a nation again and stand against him.

Against who ?


(Our lack of vision, purpose and confidence.)


Just maybe.

Whatever? I cannot ever remember seeing a “local” Scottish politician stand up and make a credible case for independence. Until today. At least we should think about it.

12 thoughts on “Independence for Scotland?

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  2. James. Great comment on your blog. Sadly I can’t comment on it as the process of commenting means I have to have a blipfoto account and much as I like the concept it’s too much like hard work. But keep the comments coming oh fellow ranter.


  3. Although I must admit that wee Eck has charisma. He always has, even when he was on the miners picket lines in years gone bye or when sipping fine wines with Sean Connery at the Champangy Inn.

    I am less convinced that independance will resolve all Scottish problems. Or even if the Nats can make any significant difference!

    Nippy Sturgeon has said she will save the A&E at Monklands but will it have enough surgeons to provide the service.

    Kenny MacAskill wants to hammer down on cheap drink.

    Another thing I’m still paying the toll on that bridge down the road from you.

    Plenty of Scots have shown the vision,purpose and confidence to take on the world never mind the English.

    Wae’s like us
    Damned few and there aw deed.

    In response

    Bollox. There’s plenty like us still alive. And don’t forget it.

    I’m not arguing for either the Nats or Independence.

    What I am saying is that there is strong leadership. At Last.
    And, actually, there is in Westminster too.


  4. Well done on winning your game!

    These are certainly interesting, and exciting, times we find ourselves in. I already know where I stand on the independence issue, but you can be sure that I’m going to be watching, listening, reading and talking about it for a good while yet.

    Regardless of where our citizenship stand on the independence question, no one can deny there is a buzz in the air and renewed spring in our steps …

    … nice post 😉


  5. Glad to read your response, thought you were going all woosie over wee Eck’s speach.

    Sure we have strong leadership at both Westminster and in the Scotish Parlimant and both Scot’s. That means we have the best of both worlds at present.

    However, lets judge on whats delivered.

    On the golf issue, in matchplay a win at the twelth would be called a dog licence 7/6.

    Well done!


  6. as someone who had close contact with eck over the election period I can safely say, like him or not, he’s got the balls and the brain to make independence work. we should give it a go – nowt to lose, plenty to gain and hey, it might be fun!


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