Young Marble Giants’ Collosal Youth is a monumental album and has just been re-released on CD after 37 years.

My vinyl version is virtually unplayable now.

It comes a three CD box set with all the singles, their Peel session and more. It is full of lengthy and fawning sleeve notes. The lyrics are abysmal but this is an all time classic album that MUST be in everybodies collection and, you know what, despite it’s low-fi production values, student pretentiousness (although they weren’t students) and fayness par excellence. It remains what it was when it came out.

A stonewall classic.

That was them then…


And this is them now…


Happy Birthday Grandad.


Seems it’s the time of much celebration. My Grandad (him with the baldie – runs in the family) was born on August 23rd 1907 which, had he not passed away 30 years ago, would have made him a centenarian today.

Not to worry about the small matter of him not being with us, we had a family party in his honour anyway.

The party was held in a church hall in Winchburgh and this was where I stumbled upon a very interesting fact.

Winchburgh, Broxburn and, of all places, Addiwell were the world’s first oil industry boom towns.


The orange coloured shale bings which dot around the local landscape were the byproduct (well waste to be more accurate) of the parafin industry in that area.


Parafin was extracted from the shalebeds and was the world’s biggest oil supply for many years from mid 19th century until it ran out in the 1960’s.


“Bugger me.” I thought. ” I never knew that”.

And yes, before any smarty farty Jambo points it out.  Correct, even my Grandad never saw Hibs lift the Scottish Cup.  There; that’s spoilt your fun eh!