World Wallies Speed record attempt


My dad called them Wallieficators.

Most normal people call them false teeth.

Anyway, allegedly (but I have it on good faith), my sister’s father in law was driving his van down the A1 last week.

It was a lovely day and he was leaning, happy as a bunny, with an elbow on the van’s window ledge when he hit a rise in the road.

As he did so the sun blinded him and set off a sneeze reaction.  Because it was so unexpected he sneezed his wallies straight out of the windae at 70mph onto the verge of the A1.

He got 4 days off work though!

6 day Riot – a great new sound

I went to see this new London (but international) band, 6 day riot, last night at the Queens Hall at a Canongate Youth Project benefit.  They were easily the pick of the bunch, even outshining the critically lauded Karine Polwart – who was good too.


What a crazy sound.  Their onstage presence was excellent with the lead singer Tamara Schlesinger (typical weegie name – yes, she hails from the state of Weegiestan) making a great double act with Soren Bonke, her co-writer.  The format is unusual to start with , drums, double bass, accordian and two acoustic guitars, although occassionaly a Fender makes a show and, my favourite, a ukelele.

The songs are a mix of Eddie Reader, The Pogues, The Cranberries, Taraf de Haiduks (A great Romanian gypsy band) and Arcade Fire(in the way that the music build, falls, stops, starts again).  Live they are exhilirating, on record the sound is slightly more confined, but it is a fine album climaxing in a beautiful song about The River Clyde.


Jeana and I introduced ourselves and had a chat with both of them.  Lovely people.  Amazingly they don’t have a proper record deal, so folks, go out and buy their album, Folie a Deux, on Amazon so that the record biz takes note.

The future?  I predict a riot!