Bourne ultimatum


Having just seen Atonement, maybe it was a bad idea to view this as the second course… because it was a disappointment.

It’s incredibly exciting (if you get incredibly excited by two hours of chases). It has a good, and followable, plot which twists and turns like a Sidewinder on a trampoline, and it has more locations than CSI, but ultimately it left me a bit cold.

Some of the chases, like through the streets and over the rooftops of Tangiers are just plain silly.

Matt Damon and Julia Stiles who is, frankly, absolutely crap and 100% unbelievable as a top level CIA agent are chased by another CIA killing machine who is rutheless and invincible (except for when he has any of the main protagonists within 20 yards ) through a laborynthian backstret only for them ALL to end up in the same house (not just block) simultaneously.

Also, I thought it amusing that the Tangiers police were considerably better at keeping Matt Damon in check than the combined might of the Uber-CIA team that formed the baddies.

Actually, you know what, having written this I’ve just realised…it’s claptrap.




6 thoughts on “Bourne ultimatum

  1. “I am still recovering from the laughable film “Atonement”, in which Kiera Knightly tries and fails to reproduce the accents of the middle upper class
    The almost unbelievably ridiculous plot is carved from the strange and clammy prose of the fashionably author Ian McEwan.
    I wouldn’t mind except for the relentlessly miserable portrayal of Dunkirk. Of course there was some defeatism and discipline broke down.
    But in general it didn’t or our army would never have got away.
    People like McEwan could never understand the sort of people we used to be.”
    Peter Hitchens – The Daily Mail
    What a dilema – Mark or Peter, Mark or Peter,will I won’t I. My sole thought if it’s in the Daily Mail it must be true. Tally Ho.


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