It is the world’s greatest movie site and I’ve written several reviews on it which you can read here if you can be bothered.

What bothers me though is its reskin.

I think it’s becoming less user friendly and overly commercial.

I hope it’s a phase

2 thoughts on “

  1. I love IMDb, but it seems to have moved into its second iteration where the pro side of the business is more prevalent.

    I don’t find the navigation as easy as it used to be to follow. It’s much busier than it was and there are many more clicks required to get the info you require. It seems to me the comments and general film info used to follow on from the rating and now they are in the side bar which just, in general, makes it harder to use.

    It’s not as clean either.

    Overall, it feels much less for the fan and more for the industry.

    I still love it though.


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