On briefing my French colleague, Helene, on a job this morning she remarked that she was bumbuzzled by my brief. I thought I’d google her new word and got this…


And you know what…

It’s a real word…



5 thoughts on “Bamboozling

  1. bamboozle \bam-BOO-zul\
    transitive verb

    1. To take in by elaborate methods of deceit; hoodwink.

    Entymology: First noted in 1703, originally a slang or cant* word, perhaps Scottish from bombaze “perplex,” related to bombast, or French embabuiner “to make a fool (lit. ‘baboon’) of.”
    *The word “cant” here refers to both jargon, and a play on words, specifically in heraldry, a canting, which is a visual play on words using heraldic art (devices). It is also related to the Gaelic word shelta, meaning jargon specific to that language.

    Sentence: I knew that the inventor was out to bamboozle me the moment he pulled out his “working model” of the water to wine pump and it proceeded to splash grape juice concentrate on my Oriental carpet.
    possible french origin – the iiiiiirony


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