Gardening Projects

I’ve just been sent an update of the Greenferry website . We’ve had a very busy year but the changes to Queensferry have been well worth it. If you’ve been thinking about digging up a bit of your garden, planting some pots or even making some costumes and need some inspiration, have a look at our website and you’ll see what can be achieved.

The best bit of all though is the latte and piece of Rocky Road at Picnic coffee shop afterwards. You can sit outside and watch the world go by on the Terrace and be served by some lovely staff, especially our Amy.


Now, I’m off to finish planning the autumn tubs and containers.

Mary and Alex

We went to Mary and Alex’ Silver Wedding anniversary bash at Bamboo last night. Great fun it was too.

As you can see from the picture below Mary is clearly still feeling highly attracted toward Alex – even after 25 years.

She’s still, you know, in the mood.


Trouble is; that isn’t Alex kissing her.