For the fourth year in a row South Queensferry won the Neighbourhood/Community Category in the Keep Edinburgh Growing Competiton.



We were awarded second prize for best street for Mid and West Terrace.


Ferry Tap won for best commercial property and Echline Primary School were awarded for school garden.

I would like to thank all the community who have helped on Greenferry planting and clean up days and for looking after the area throughout the year.

I think we all need a drink in the Tap to celebrate.

Road relief

The recently completed (in a fashion) M9 Spur which takes the A8000 out of the equation is a revelation to us Queensferry residents. The A8000 was the busiest road in Scotland between 7 am and 8pm 7 days a week so its bypassing has made a real and tangible difference. Look at this for proof if you need it.

This is 6.30 on Saturday night looking North.


And this is looking South…


In stark contrast, this is the shiny new, sort of completed, M9 Spur…


Chris, helpfully provides a GPS map for those of you who are getting a bit excited about this post.  See his comments section.