Gleneagles do

At the Tods Murray do I was at on Wednesday the auctioneer was the Fifer, Willie Allan. Superb guy and the best I have ever seen in action. And he’s a teacher from Methil mixing it up with the toffs. Good on ya Willie.

After calling one of the aforementioned toffs a “gippo” he taunted Gregor Townshend by saying he “Couldn’t kick a sailor off his sister.”

The quote of the year so far…

Golf heaven

I played in the Tods Murray golf challenge yesterday.  And played well, at The PGA Course at Gleneagles.  We had Craig Levien in our team and what a great guy.


At an appropriate moment I mentioned to him that I had been at every one of the Hibs v Hearts matches in the 22 game unbeaten run for Hearts.

Craig replied quick as a John Robertson right footer.

“Aye, so was I.”


Archerfield tomorrow.

New highs for Scottish Football. The best week ever?

Aberdeen 1 – 1 Dnipro

Aberdeen qualify on away goals for group stages (surely not; we always go OUT on away goals.)

This video is the best I could dredge up. not good…


Celtic 2 – 1 AC Milan

Magnificent performance to beat the Champions of Europe. The match was only marred by the idiot who came on at the end to celebrate, but what about the goalie’s reaction?

Two words…Cheating scumbag.


Lyon 0 – 3 Rangers

I think it is particularly enjoyable to watch Lyon’s humiliation in French. Sacre Bleu, Quel Horror, Horrible, Merde. So here you are.


Saving the best for last; sure, Rangers rode their luck, but to beat one of Europe’s leading teams 3 – 0 away from home is quite extraordinary and from front to back the Rangers team can hold their heads high.


On the back of the Scotland victory v France we are a nation again.

Wait until the Cabbage play in the Champions League next year. The Champions of Europe may reside in Scotland.