A right good Cabbage patch

We wept when Murray went to Rangers.

We sighed as O’Connor headed to Moscow

We groaned as Caldwell went to Celtic

We swore when Riordan went to Celtic too.

We moaned when Brown went to Celtic an a’.

We shrieked when Killen followed the flock to Celtic .

We despaired when Thomson went to Rangers.

We couldn’t believe it when Whittaker followed him.

We smiled though when Stewart went back to Hearts.

We grimaced when Sproule schlepped off somewhere that I can’t recall.

And then we huffed when Mowbray took off to WBA…

So there was only one thing for it.

Kick the lot of their arses.


Celtic… peasy

Hearts… Japanesy

We’re unbeaten nine league games into the season.

We’ve got no more debt.

We’re about to build a new stand.

Rob Petrie and JC Walk on water and here’s the proof if proof is needed.


OK, Celtic’s lucky victory (once again) against Gretna has slightly distorted the above. But it’s staying right here…