The nation holds its breath

For Scotland to qualify for the European Championships from a group that contained the world number 1, 2 and 8 whilst we languished in a post-Bertie Vogts world was unlikely; to say the least.

But today Scotland ground out yet another astonishingly characterful and, at times, beautiful victory.

Talisman Faddy looks world class every time he pulls on a Scotland Jersey.

The likes of Hutton and Scotty are immense.

The only numptie on the pitch today was Gary O’Connor who got needlessly booked in the final seconds and misses the next game.  Given his attitude towards Scotland I think we all need to question whether or not we will really miss him.

This picture sums it up.  No question Alex McLeish has had his detractors in the past, particularly on a strategic level, but there is no substitute for experience and I, for one, think he is maturing into a great manager.




Happy days.

2 thoughts on “The nation holds its breath

  1. Scott Brown really was an immense presence again.

    I had him just ahead of Hutton for Man of Match award. Disappointing about McCulloch complaining at the second missed penalty award. The ref was woeful but at this crucial stage he shoulda buttoned it. JC at Hibs has outlawed any ref-badgering from his players and it’s working a treat.

    I actually said at the time that O’Connor did it on purpose to avoid sitting on the bench in Georgia. What an erse.

    I wonder if the kids playing fitba in their back garden imagine they are Faddy now. I was Dalglish in mine.

    I’m getting all superstitious now. Same pub this Wednesday at 6pm. Same pants n’ socks.


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