Found out


I had lunch with an old pal yesterday and he told me a great story. He’s an advertising art director and a few years ago he was making a commercial with a precocious young director. All went well until they were in the edit suite looking at an almost final cut of the ad which carried, for the first time, captions and supers.

Bob, (let’s call my pal that) said.

“Tarquin (let’s call him that), I’m not sure about that type face you know, how about we try a san seriff version”.

“I went to art college too you know!” He shrieked, over defensively.

At this point Bob thought, “Oops, might have a pretentious twat on my hands here” so replied inquisitively “Oh really?”

“Yeah, The Royal College of Art, actually.”

“Oh, what a coincidence, when were you there?”


“Me too, did you know John Smith, he was great wasn’t he?”

“Nah” he stuttered “never met him”

“Or Professor Brown, what a great teacher, everyone’s favourite”

“Nope, don’t remember him.”

“Her, actually”

“No , doesn’t ring a bell.”

“Well, you must know Sally Potts. EVERYBODY knew Sally, did a great typography class, and obviously that’s one of your interests.”

“I don’t know any of them ” blurted Tarquin ” I was doing film.”

“Oh. Right” A directional change.

” So, what did you think of Professor Plum then. He was a great leader of the film faculty.”

At last the truth came out….

“No, I didn’t know him either…Actually, I only did a film discussion group on a Tuesday night.”

“Shall we try Helvetica then Tarquin?”

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