The big HBO cheat


I thought HBO was the real deal.

But, the more I think about it and hear other opinion I realise I am not alone in questioning the ending of The Sopranos. It is so open for James Gandolfino to have a change of mind and come back at ANY time in the next ten years or so, that it questions the integrity of the show that was a US TV institution.

All it would take to bring it back would be a quick recap of the last 2 minutes of last night’s programme – the assumed killer who decamped to the lavvy comes out and proves to be nothing other than a dodgy looking guy in need of a pee.

Half the cast is dead by now of course so that, on the plus side, solves a few continuity problems, but on the other means we need a new cast.

But, hey, it’s mafia – it happens.

So, here we go. Episode 1 series seven, 2015.

Quick catch up (in black and white, of course, of the last 8 years) and HBO are back on the go.

Workin’ for the Yankee dollar.

(Don’t do it Jamesy.

Screw their plan.)



God speed? 1 mph

I love this story.

A medieval church in Heursford, Germany was to be demolished because a new coalmine was to be opened on its site. It’s obviously a lovely church and the locals must have felt very close to it.



So, they though; we’re not letting a coal mine get in the way of our religion.

We’ll move it.


So they did. They hoiked it up on the back of a lorry…



And moved it down the road to the next town.



God 1 – 0 Coal industry.


cut to black

So that’s it.

The end of The Sopranos.

The family gathers in the Five and Dime. Happy for once. Tony leans over to change the track on the jukebox and the director cuts to …



Over and out.

No more Sopranos.

The best series ever on TV (they say) and it ends on a cop out.

Not good.

Not good at all.

Short changed I’d say.