Holocaust nonsense

I was sent an email today that claimed lessons about the Holocaust have been removed from the UK’s school history syllabus in case it offends Muslims who are in denial about its existence.

First of all I find it incredible that an entire religious body could deny a plain historical fact. Can this really be so?

And secondly, why on earth would the British Government endorse this sick and disgusting show of weakness to a minority pressure group. If that is what you’d call the entire Muslim community.

It certainly resonates with the current trend to avoid confronting or challenging minority opinion in case it offends people.  But to go this far, to run away from the truth, if indeed we are makes me very sad indeed.

In fact, if it is true then I am appalled.

Perhaps these photos were staged?





ten decades of edinburgh art college

My friend Terry and I went to an exhibition celebrating ten decades of Edinburgh Art College at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh on Wednesday. The show features works from some of the colleges best known alumni including Bellany, Byrne, Inness, Blackadder and Peploe to name but a few.

But it this piece of haunting animation by a young American?italian, Josef Feltus and his brother that stole the show for me.

The Simpsons it aint but stick with it. It is beautiful and won the Jim Poole award, amongst many others, last year.



My Brother in law enjoyed the diatribe by McGlashen about the unfairness of world cup draws.

but he has nominated this gem of Xenophobia as his favourite.

Don’t blame me.  I’m the medium.  Not the message.


Sky plus

A new system is arriving on Saturday.

That’s the 12th.

Jeana screaming down the phone “I’d like to speak to someone who understands what I am saying” over and over again was priceless.

That’s our twelfth box in under a year. (And another free month. Our fourth I think.)

Does anyone have Norris McWhirter’s phone number?

Scotland win world cup

Go on yersel’ Monty. (And Marky boy, of course.)

Scottish golf has had such a bad year that it would be fair to say that my personal emergence from the woods to become a credible 18 handicapper has been one of the Scottish Golf Union’s highlights.

So today’s golf world cup win (as predicted by Monty) was not universally expected.

What was even less credible was that I spotted Dougie Donnelly at Gleneagles this afternoon and whispered the fact across the table to Jeana.

She was astonished.

“Colin Montgomery?” she whispered in a tone below the one that dogs can hear.


(“The guy you snogged in 1988?” I must have subconsciously thought, seeing as I really thought she had said “Dougie Donnelly?)

“It doesn’t look like him”, she replied

Naturally it didn’t because a) it wasn’t and b) it was Dougie Donnelly and c) Dougie Donnelly doesn’t look like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle.

Judge for yourselves…



Or Dougie?


Spitting images?

OK, they’re both gingers, like the Mrs, but how could Monty be relaxed at Gleneagles at the same time as he’s lifting the cup in China?

For the record, Jeana was at a corporate do in 1988 and Dougie was the compere. In a moment of weakness Jeana shreiked across the dance floor “Dougie, gie us a kiss.”

And you know what?

He did.

There will be blood


PT Anderson is currently the world’s most gifted film-maker.


Boogie Nights, Magnolaia and Punch Drunk Love are each brilliant in different ways. His new movie “There will be blood” breaks in the US at Christmas and in the UK on Feb 8th. (I will be there on opening night.)

It is garnering feverish reviews as this punter blog on IMDB shows.

PT Anderson delivers perhaps his best work with “There Will Be Blood”. Unlike “Magnolia”, the film’s daunting runtime is not very daunting whilst watching it. All acting in the film was solid, even the work of the child actors. Daniel Day-Lewis in particular delivered a truly phenomenal performance, capturing the power of greed, fear, insanity, and comedy simultaneously, at many points throughout the film. At no point does the time period distract from the power of the film. Sometimes period pieces cannot be appreciated because they delve too deep into historical details — turning the experience into more of a documentary than a narrative set in the past. This is not the case for “There Will Be Blood”, as human interactions are the focus of the film. Johnny Greenwood’s chilling score is very strong, benefiting from the elegant minimalism that he show’s in the band Radiohead. Will this picture go on to win Best Picture? It absolutely has every right to, however I feel that this movie is a bit ahead of current trends in modern cinema, and will sadly go unnoticed for that particular Oscar. I’m certain that this film will garner many accolades in the independent and film festival scenes. All in all, this is truly a perfectly crafted film.

Apparently Daniel Day Lewis is, once again, peerless and fully method-acted throughout.  (Although, to be honest I thought his portrayal of Billy Blood; the butcher in Gangs of New York was over the top.)


If you haven’t seen any of his previous films see them on DVD now.

They are ALL masterpieces.

doggone it…



A football-playing dog has had a leg amputated after being mown down by a speeding hit-and-run driver.

Footie-daft Collie-cross, Sox, was walking with his owner, Jose Mourhinho, when the car appeared from nowhere and knocked the pooch down.


The heartless driver refused to stop, leaving the helpless dog in the middle of the road.


Now, after making an amazing recovery, the three-legged animal still runs rings round his owner on the football pitch.


The incident happened outside Wembley Stadium and FA Management were completely amazed by it.


The pooch hasn’t let a missing paw stop him doing what he loves the most – playing football in the park and fully anticipates an England call up for World Cup 2010 in South Africa.


Sox Said “Woof, woof woof woo woohoo woofy woof woof fart woofy woof woof” Which Mourhino, used to translating a lot of total crap, said meant. “It’s really annoying because I was in talks with Steve Mclaren and I was close to a call up until broody Wensday. Looking at that lot I had a 50/60 cap career ahead of me. I’m going to have to miss out on the first few ‘cos they’ve not got through. To be honest mate I’m fucking gutted. Gutted. Really, really fucking gutted.”

This is Sox before his accident, so you can see for yourself it’s all true.




sky plus


Aye they’re having a laugh right enough.

What part of Sky Plus is the + bit?

Is it the increased number of technical call-outs I wonder?

As I write this our 12th box (that’s twelfth) has gone up the spout and we’ve only had it for 11 months.  That’s 12 call outs, 24 phone calls and 12 different contractors; all of whom have had a different story to tell, but all of whom agree that the Sky plus Digi box is a piece of technical dog poo.

Oh, and contrary to what they say, whether Amstrad, Thomson, Pace or bloody Playschool make them they don’t work.

Bet nobody can beat that.

That’s my boy

Tom has won eight golf competitions this year and his handicap has dropped from 28 to 21 so today was the prizegiveing at Ratho Park.  We marked the moment on film.

(Of course it’s not so much that he played well as the fantastic coaching he gets!  Modesty does not permit me to reveal the name of his Paternal coach.)