Holocaust nonsense

I was sent an email today that claimed lessons about the Holocaust have been removed from the UK’s school history syllabus in case it offends Muslims who are in denial about its existence.

First of all I find it incredible that an entire religious body could deny a plain historical fact. Can this really be so?

And secondly, why on earth would the British Government endorse this sick and disgusting show of weakness to a minority pressure group. If that is what you’d call the entire Muslim community.

It certainly resonates with the current trend to avoid confronting or challenging minority opinion in case it offends people.  But to go this far, to run away from the truth, if indeed we are makes me very sad indeed.

In fact, if it is true then I am appalled.

Perhaps these photos were staged?





ten decades of edinburgh art college

My friend Terry and I went to an exhibition celebrating ten decades of Edinburgh Art College at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh on Wednesday. The show features works from some of the colleges best known alumni including Bellany, Byrne, Inness, Blackadder and Peploe to name but a few.

But it this piece of haunting animation by a young American?italian, Josef Feltus and his brother that stole the show for me.

The Simpsons it aint but stick with it. It is beautiful and won the Jim Poole award, amongst many others, last year.