Holocaust nonsense

I was sent an email today that claimed lessons about the Holocaust have been removed from the UK’s school history syllabus in case it offends Muslims who are in denial about its existence.

First of all I find it incredible that an entire religious body could deny a plain historical fact. Can this really be so?

And secondly, why on earth would the British Government endorse this sick and disgusting show of weakness to a minority pressure group. If that is what you’d call the entire Muslim community.

It certainly resonates with the current trend to avoid confronting or challenging minority opinion in case it offends people.  But to go this far, to run away from the truth, if indeed we are makes me very sad indeed.

In fact, if it is true then I am appalled.

Perhaps these photos were staged?





77 thoughts on “Holocaust nonsense

  1. there’s no such thing as a ‘uk history syllabus’.

    for instance in Scotland, there is no fixed syllabus and schools are free to draw up their own approaches

    i think that this story is simply one of many being generated by sections of the british (london based tabloid) media in an attempt to generate anti muslim feeling

    there is no truth in it

    it’s supposedly based on a ‘government backed’ survey that ‘suggested’ some teachers in schools with a diverse ethnic pupil mix felt a degree of nervousness when talking about some aspects of 20th century history, which have been written from a purely western perspective. that’s it.

    did your e-mail come from the daily mail per-chance?


  2. Hmmm. Interesting. I do of course despise the DM but there is no evidence pointing to them directly on this one. Nevertheless the story is symptomatic of the Liberalisation (in a bad way ) of the UK so that we play it safe at every turn.


  3. how can we learn from our mistakes made in history if future generations don’t learn about them? Children need to learn about things such as the Holocaust to ensure that such horrific things are not repeated.


  4. Unfortunately, I think the photo of the soldier shooting the woman has long been considered a fake. Don’t worry, there are millions of others to choose from though that are all too real.


  5. Hmmm, you can see why.

    And I appreciate very much your comment Elaine. It seems I may have been suckered by this email but hey, lest we forget. Good to keep the issue fresh in people’s eyes.


  6. I just recently came across many photos of my grandfather’s experiences such as fighting in this war……..and picking up the horrific pieces. I can not say how affected I am by this. I know now, what is. what was. and what I can teach my child to be.


  7. well i just came up to this page because of a book i read
    the book Night.
    elie wisel and i just like the story sooo much i had to look up somethings involed with his story and experiens.


  8. It may be a fake email, but you have to remember that a lot of schools throughout Europe still don’t include it in their curriculum. If we are to not mention the Holocaust because it offends Muslims, what about WWII? do we just forget about that because we have a German or Japanese student in the class? Were talking about a war that killed 20 million people! and what about things like the Russian revolution? If a teacher is to weak to confront their students about these things than they shouldn’t be teaching full stop.


  9. Mark! Great article, our Youth are doing an entire service for Yom HaShoah this weekend so we remember, and never forget! So where does that get us 60 years later with the Holocaust of “abortion” and Am-a-dinna-jacket rearing his ugly head? Only leads me to believe the “Passover Lamb” is ready to reapperar!!! It would be a God-incidence if you were the Mark Gorman from Kenosha, Wisc. and we were party animals together? Does my name ring a bell? Shalom Alechem


  10. I agree. We can learn from the past. Everything,
    Has a meaning. These people need to realize that
    it is much more than a fact, It is the truth. As
    I said. We can learn from the past. My grandfather
    happened to be in one of the concentration camps
    in Buchenwald. He lived harsh. He died 1 year ago.
    The jewish rabbi asked for us to cover his tattoo
    [ the tattoo you get from being in the camp so they know your number ] to be covered. My grandfather automaticaly knew that was going to happen at his death. But my mother wanted people to here his pain from it and to hear his stories.
    so we could learn from it. People need to learn
    from our worlds conflicts.


  11. This is true. we need to learn from our mistakes.
    My grandfather was jewish. He got sent to a concentration camp in Buchenwald. There he got his tattoo explaining his pin number so they knew
    if he was missing and what block he would be at.
    My grandfather passed away recently and.. Our rabbi asked for the tattoo to be covered. We would not alow it. We want his stories to go on
    and we want him to remembered from his braveness.
    to escape to freedom. We need to learn from the truth.


  12. this is abosolutly retared. i wrote a report on this and the things i wrote and saw there is just no way that this was all made up!!!! It wasn’t staged IT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Thats bullshit all those notseys are booguse as hell.no one should exspereance that so for those notseys to even be able to look at they selfs and be pround of that is BULLSHIT.


  14. Why would the Muslims be affected by the Holocaust? I thought it was Hitler and the Nazi’s who are responsible for this sick act? I am confused…


  15. I think you will agree that the previous comment says a great deal about he mentality of the perpetratators of this atrocity.

    And the greatest thing is that their comment(s) are anonymous.


  16. This is many years ago and it is true the WINNERS
    DO WRITE THE HISTORY NOT THE LOSERS.Maybe you should think about that before judging everything
    why look to the past when we are in the present?


  17. I did not mean it in that way.young,old,weak or strong everyone creates history.y judge people n keep talking about what they have done,if it is likely that u have done something wrong in the past?


  18. I did not mean it in that way.young,old,weak or strong everyone creates history.y judge people n keep talking about what they have done,if it is likely that u have done something wrong in the past? Response to think you will agree that the previous comment says a great deal about he mentality of the perpetratators of this atrocity.

    And the greatest thing is that their comment(s) are anonymous.

    Comment by markgorman May 23, 2008 @ 1:27 am


  19. I am incredibly offended that you would attack the whole muslim religion for the opinions of a few. As a muslim, i do believe that the holocaust happened so for you to assume otherwise is disturbingly ignorant. notseys- what the bloody hell is a notsey?
    “And secondly, why on earth would the British Government endorse this sick and disgusting show of weakness to a minority pressure group. If that is what you’d call the entire Muslim community.”
    I apologize for i do not understand this statement, if you would like to respond to my comment and/or elaborate on the statement above it would be nice. “If that is what you’d call the entire Muslim community” call us what? A minority pressure group? Well you’ll be sorry to know that Islam is the biggest religion in the world as of now, sir. I’ll be checking…


  20. I am reporting what I read in the British press. At no point do I attack the muslims I merely seek clarification on the issue. In the UK Islam is a minority group, the majority of the UK is Christian. My gripe is not with Muslims it is with the British Government for being weak and responding to pressure – but only if what I read was true and it appears it was not.

    If you read the whole chain of comments you will see that it would seem my original indignation was misplaced and I am glad that you do not subscribe to the view that the holocaust was a fabrication.


  21. My father served in the British Forces in Germany and I was born in 1942 so have been brought up with the history of the Holocaust. I cannot believe that it is to be taken from our childrens curriculum because we are afraid of offending the Muslims. What makes Muslims more important that a Christian or a Jew and why do we bow down to their demands this is my Country my father went to war for our freedom with thousands of others and for what! I am ashamed to say that I am English as all my heritage and pride is slowly being taken away from us when is someone going to stand up for us? The Holocaust happended do they think people posed for those photo’s have they such short memories is it out of sight out of mind.


  22. My good sir / madam,

    Those photos don’t imply any gassings or random acts of violence as shown in portraits of varios wannabe artists. The pile of bodies? Come on, even a first-grader could tell you (after being terribly shocked that you showed him the picture) that those people could have died from anything. Maybe they died of Typhus like the people in the diary of Anne Frank? Go look it up: no one there died of poisonous gasses. And how do we know that Hitler wanted to KILL Jews? There are no papers stating this except the so-called Ramsi (or however it’s spellt) Protocols, and any German (after reading through them) would know that they are badly-done fakes. After the war the Americans (who didn’t win, btw, the Russians did) had access to all the German typewriters, letterheads, stamps and everything needed to make fakes.
    And how the hell do you think they got rid of so many bodies in one day? No, burning bodies in a pit doesn’t work. The human body is made up of (I can’t remember exactly now) about 70% water, which makes us really bad burners. A cremation expert could tell you that it takes around two hours to burn one body at a searing temperature. (this takes a LOT of ‘coke’ fuel – much more fuel per day than the camps had imported) And even then the major bones aren’t gone, they have to be crushed in a machine. So if they had to burn thousands of bodies per day, they’d have to have the biggest crematories ever built and the most coke fuel ever used for cremation in a single day – both of which they didn’t have. (The crematories were in the camps for the people who died natural deaths or were victims of war)

    So please, sir / madam, know your f-ing facts before you go denouncing Germans. I am a proud Namibian, with Afrikaans and German heritage, spreading the good word about Hitler.
    He wasn’t evil. It is not something I believe, it is something I have enough evidence of to believe.

    – “Dishpan”


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  25. Spreading the good about Hitler, yeah I did that when I like 12 and hung out with “skin heads” who beleived white people were superior. But then I grew up and relized hatred is a horrible way to live life. You really are all idiots if you don’t beleive the Holocaust happened, ooops, my hatred for dumd, naive people is showing. I LOVE AMERICA


  26. i’m not spreading the good word about anyone, i dont think anyone deserves it.

    the pile of bodies in the above photo, were the remaining corpses of the people who had died of a variety of illnessess in the final days of the war. brittish liberating troops had forced germans to clear up this neglected mess by making a mass grave, like the one pictured (note there are not that many pictures of other mass graves)

    in these photos, the corpses we see (that were apparently gassed straight off of a train) are all pretty much skeletal and look more like they died of disease as recorded.

    yes the germans were cunts, and yes i have no doubt that there were many many nasty and cruel deaths… but, the aggression one faces for wanting to know more about the technicalities of what allegedly happened is the most nazi thing on earth,

    when i was at school, i got told the basics, from a glossy textbook, and this 6 million number, at 14 you dont really question anything you are taught in history and you beleive the chapter in your text book.
    as do most of the world.

    most of the world dont actually question anything once they have learned it.

    those that even dare look back and say “hang on a minute” are burned as witches.

    are these not the same oppressing traits used to colour in the now mystified image of hitler?

    why do jews fear the question so much?

    if there is enough evidence to back up every single claim about the “holocaust”, then why such unease about the slightest hint of revision.

    i think that if your email was real, it would behoove schools to start to thik long and hard about how the hoocaust fits onto the curriculum and how it should be presented, either it happened exactly as previously described, or it has been exagerated in a huge scale , that has basically shaped the last 60 years of the world, and has laid down clear devides and rules.

    it is reaching the end of living memory and all that is going to be left are the two camps of argument.

    if you go looking, there is far more evidence of it being exagerated than evidence of it not. that is the only fact i am cocky enough to put out there.

    i wonder how you will attack me for my comment seeing as i am not stupid enough to act all teenage about hitler at the end of it.

    i am nobodies baby, i am just interested in what i beleive and what i have learned and the way i look at the world. i am honest to the core.


  27. I believe it happened, it disgusts me. I think people are in denial, that persons/ancestors before our time could have had such cold hearts, or non in this matter.

    The fact is…is that it was so cruel, and so horrific that deniying it happend, saying it was ‘set up’ just makes it all seem so much easier to swallow.


  28. The fact is that some pictures on the Internet about the Holocaust fabricated some of the other crimes of the Holocaust is not

    See also played by the Jews now they do not disagree about Hitler in anything but are harsher than you you see what you are doing to children and the elderly, women and men in Palestine

    What happened to the Jews is a measure of the Lord


  29. No true Muslim can deny history, especially mass-persecutions as such things have often been rendered unto them. The true Muslim reads and understands the religions of the World basing his religion on the Bible and the Torah, and as such must condemn all violence and persecution. Sadly there are hordes that fail to adhere to the warning of the Quran, the last message from God, and too easily find excuses to foster violence rather than prevent it.


  30. We as an international system do not respect history. As a US citizen, I look at how we refuse to teach certain books in school such as “Huckleberry Finn” because some people are offended by that part of our history. The Holocaust was a tragedy that did occur and it needs to be studied just like slavery. We need to stop giving two or three pages in our history books on these two topics. Our children should study the causes and effects of each event.


  31. Simply incredible; a measure that is on the antipodes of British traditional fair minded spirit. It is even an insult to Muslim’s intelligence.

    Néstor (Uruguay, South America)


  32. It makes me sick that some people think this never happened because it did.Why would people want to say that the holocaust never happened?Because it did and i know that for a fact so why make up a lie and say it never happened or not believe it


  33. what happened during the this war was a tragedy the people that purportrated the events are sick and spineless and should have had the same fate bestowed upon them. an eye for an eye in my narrow minded view on this senceless act. anyone who denies this happened should talk to the few survivors that are left in this sad world as i have and see the real pain in their eyes if they ever were to say anything about this. that pain cannot be fake it is areal event and shame on those that say otherwise.wake up world!!!!!!!!


  34. actually…having received an email about this some time ago, I did some research about it…and although it seems to be a campaign to prevent the Holocaust from being “denied” or removed from the curriculum here in the UK (something that should never happen) it is, in fact, a serious attempt by other group/s to create/perpetuate distrust and hatred of Muslims.

    I checked with various sources and there has been no campaign to ‘remove study or mention of the Holocaust’ from the school curriculum’…and the vast majority of Holocaust denial has been generated by the ‘white right’ – ie people on the far right in terms of politics such as the BNP.

    This whole situation came about (and has been exploited) because of misleading articles in the newspapers who – as usual – did not investigate the facts but ran the sensational headlines. Boycott Watch – http://www.boycottwatch.org/misc/UK-Holocaust.htm – explain in full but essentially, the rumours stem from a piece that featured in a number of newspapers – including the Daily Mail – who totally misinterpreted the results of a report commissioned by the Department for Education and Skills (DFES) and undertaken by the Historical Association. The report, ‘Challenges and Opportunities for Teaching Emotive and Controversial History 13-19 (TEACH)’, addresses both the challenges teachers face, as well as the good practice that is occurring when teaching all emotive and controversial historical issues such as: Slavery, the Crusades and the Holocaust.

    Various groups who wish to create/widen the divides between the various different cultural and ethnic groups in the UK have grabbed this opportunity to further thier own cause.

    Hatred and prejudice of any kind only generates more hatred and violence. Please choose to be informed and aim to be involved in the solution not part of the problem.


  35. this doesnt offend muslims
    the pc people are who it offends
    history is in the past yes but we learn from the past so there fore it must stay in schools and not forgotten also it shows a sighn of respect for them millions of peopole who died at no fault of there own


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    • Hitler didn’t want to kill off the Jews, and neither does history show this. Hitler wanted the Jews out of the country and many attempts to have them emigrate abroad. Jews were enemies of the state after they declared war on Germany in 1933, and it was largely for there own safety that they needed to leave country. Hitler wanted end to growth economy, and was wary of international finance, with whom he saw the Jews as actively involved. He cancelled the nonsense that is a “national debt”. He never wanted to invade britain, only retaliating in 1940 after britain kept bombing civilians in Berlin… True history is far different from what we’re told


  37. Thats absolute bulls**t. Im a preschool teacher at a private muslim school and our cirriculum plan teaches history from the vietnam war to the holocaust. our teachers, parents and students are all very sympathetic with all people from different backgrounds, race, cultures and religions who have been through or are going through pain and hardship. Please do not stereotype all, muslims we are not all bad there are a minority of bad people who say and do disgusting things and say it’s on behalf of all muslims thats rubbish the majority of kind hearted, good muslims just dont get to speak out and say WE JUST WANT A PEACEFUL AND HARMONIOUS WORLD. we all believe in the same god just in different ways. we all live on one earth. we can get on i know we can its just a minority of people from different faiths cause problems for the rest of us.


  38. Muslims are surprised how Jews with all the suffering they endured are doing kind of the same thing to Them (the Palestinians)!! it is a fair proposition….


  39. i think its a shame rumers like this are started all they do is breed hate. i do not believe any educated human could deny the fact that the holocaust happened. there were too many survivors and witnesses. anybody who denies the fact that the holocaust happened is simply ignorant.


  40. evidence of one thing does not suggest the other. There is plenty of evidence for Workcamps for Jews during WWII but this does not mean there was a systemtic holocaust of the Jewish people. The Jewish people were enemies of the German people, it was they who declared war on Germany in 1933. The photos show evidence of concentration/labour camps, not death camps. The masses of bodies photo is most probably due to our bombing of supply lines therefore cutting food supplies, plus, typhus was rampant in camps, hence gas chambers to fumigate clothes, mattresses etc…not kill people.


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