VAT enquiry

I wrote an email to my accountant yesterday for an explanation of a VAT issue that I had.

She sent me a really helpful response.

As below.

Sorry Mark I’m missing something. Column 1 fully taxable gives taxable (for income tax) of the net amounts of VAT and then you remit the net VAT to HMRC. Column 2 is under flat rate scheme where VAT to be remitted is the 8.5% of the sales amount (£85) but for income tax you are taxed on the net plus 9% VT but get a deduction for the VAT inclusive cost.


Errr, no, not really.

The secret Millionaire


It is difficult to imagine how C4 could make two series of this poignant and (although at times a little staged) naturalistic documentary series. And yet they did. Perhaps the fact that it is not a BBC production has saved it, because its magic ingredient is surprise.

Tabloid treatment would kill it.

This is TV at its best and I have failed to last an episode without shedding copious tears. It really is very moving documentary and I recommend it unreservedly.

The genius of photography – BBC TV

This utterly outstanding series came to an end last night and featured amongst its many treasures live footage of Edward Steiken’s, The pond, Moonlight being sold at Sothebys for $2.6m

It was shot in 1904 and is a wonderful picture. Sadly, I think its rarity (only 3 prints) outweighed its artistic value, although it is undoubtedly a beautiful image.