The season of goodwill is upon us and I sincerely ask for your support

Many of you will be aware of the unique, and I mean unique, event that is “The Loony Dook”.

Here’s a picture of it from the past.


First off, it is probably the least PC event held this, or any other, year and will no doubt at some point in the future be renamed “The not overly sensible swim.”

And that would be fine if that was what it was called, because that is what it is.

It is the coming together of several hundred people, on the morning of January 1st , at 11.30 am to swim in the River Forth at South Queensferry.

For the record, here is the weather forecast for the next five days to show you just what we are letting ourselves in for.


Of course, it might get warmer, it might get cooler. One thing is for sure. It ain’t gonna be Boca Raton!

So, why?

Why indeed?

And where do you, dear reader, come in?

The answer is simple.


My dear mate Terry Bryant had a nasty dust with cancer for a great deal of this year and decided he should bring some of his mates to their aid in terms of fundraising to support the respite centre, The Maggie’s Centres, who came to his aid when he needed them.

So, I am to bare my chest, my arse and my fortitude to the freezing Scottish winter so that you lot can have a laugh at my expense and Terry can help out Maggies.

Do me a favour.

If you’ve enjoyed even a moment of my ridiculous waffling on gibberish this year, post a comment committing to sponsor me in my moment of madness; sorry, non-conformism.

If not, have a happy Christmas all the same.

PS If, you’r reading this on your return to work after the New Year and you wished you could have helped. It’s not too late. I’ll be posting the evidence of my participation on this blog so you can be sure I delivered and I’ll happily accept sponsorship post event!.

58 thoughts on “The season of goodwill is upon us and I sincerely ask for your support

  1. Stick me down for a tenner – was going to pledge a “skin diver” but that’s a bit on the tight side (similar to your speedo’s no doubt!!
    Alan Mac


  2. Hey Mark,
    You can def put me down for a tenner. Might even pop up with my South African pals to watch “The not overly sensible swim.” That takes care of the international coverage!


  3. Hi Mark, you got a URL for us to use or are you doing it the old fashioned way?

    Happy Xmas, and lets hope for a nice wintery New Year! And some pictures, family friendly though.


  4. Okay I’ll surrender ten of your earth ‘pounds’ but spare us the speedoos ok? I think my male offspring is going to be dooking the same morning, so if you see something that looks like a particularly large and straggely bit of seaweed, pull it up for air plz.


  5. Well thank you all so much. I had no idea that any of you might think it mightbe amusing to see me wearing speedos and I can assure you it will not be a pretty sight.
    Those of you (and you’re not the only one Guy) who have pledged a £ per stone will be only £12 out of pocket!


  6. What a bunch of tight fisted so’n’sos. Come on Harding, give Mark a bit more of that race horse’s left leg and Robertson, you could just not place that tenner on the 2.50 at York and you’d be able to double your donation. The man’s going almost naked into sub-zero temperatures for one of the most wortwhile charities out there. Put me down for FIFTY notes Mark. Well done, I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it.


  7. Well thanks a lot folks that’s £545 in the kittyy so far. David I will match you to the tune of £15.76. it’s traditional.

    Tommy put me down for a tenner and I’ll do likewise.

    Mr Marshall. Nice one. That’s embarassed them all despite their generosity.

    I’m in serious training now.



  8. Well done Mark (yeraffyerheid). Fifteen squidlies pledged. Will try to be there to witness the event. It’s no that often the toffs fae your end of the village get their feet wet let alone the family jewels. Great cause, right man for the job. Alan


  9. Please make sure you’ve got plenty clothes on – I’ll be there and probably feeling a bit fragile !! You can have £20 from me.

    Good luck !


  10. Mark, brave boy, you can have a tenner from me too. What does the training consist of for this event? Can’t very well have a “dry” run can you? Love Di XX


  11. Yet again, thank you folks. I’m deep in training now. “Pass another pie Jeana” but am suffering from an awful man cold and even opted out of a party last night which goes to show how seriously I take this. Running total is creeping up to £950. Thank you one and all once again. The video camera is charging as we speak!


  12. Happy New Year big fellow, by the looks of you I owe you about £16.50 Glad you didn’t wear the speedos though.Well done indeed.
    About the same time as you were shrinking your goolies I was dragging my alcohol ravaged body to the top of the Connich Hill in Drymen! 3 hours of torture followed by a pint for every cold wet twenty mins!


  13. Mark, have you recovered !!!
    I am not sure what was worse ..the Dook or the drinking afterwards. I am hoping to get some idea of the total raised by the end of this week, but with you over a grand,Peter over 3 thousand, Zoe £600 plus and the other 15 or so still to cive me their amounts it is looking fantastic,
    Thanks again for everybody that has contrbuted and its not too late if you still want to.
    Photos can be found on youtube and onloony dook website
    terry bryant


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