Edwyn Collins – pure class


The BBC Scotland Documentary tonight on the return from, almost literally, the dead by Edwyn Collins to record a live BBC gig was nothing short of amazing.

With the unstinting support of his wonderful wife Grace, he had undergone intensive physio and speech therapy over a three year period since suffering a double Brain Haemmorage and despite losing the ability to speak, read, sing (of course) and walk with huge spasticism down his right side he sat on that stage at the Electric Ballroom in Camden like the star he truly is.

For thirty years I have been a fan of, first, Orange Juice and, then, Edwyn’s solo work. This proved how great a contemporary talent he is.

I have a close friend who has been through a similar experience so I know first hand how great his, and my pal’s, progress is and how hard it is to achieve.

Roll on Edwyn’s next number one and thank you BBC for such a great programme.