(Heroic) Last game of the year


Despite feeling like death warmed up – terrible cold – I went out for my last golf match of the year with my five Arran Golf mates, my 13 year old son, Tom and my brother in law, Alan.

Having the cold is a life-threatener for us men as the hilarious link in James’ comment, below, points out so I think I deserve some form of recognition.  A CBE perhaps, for services to golf?

Needless to say Tom finished the year the way he started, playing the boys for the first time he whipped their/my asses, scoring a 5 under par nett 65 at Dundas. Ian shot a level par 70 and Vince and I scrambled home in net 71’s. The rest were trailing in our wakes.

But it was Tom who set the bar so high that no one could get over it, coming home 4 under par (net) for the last 5 holes.

I predict, if he keeps playing next year,that come the end of 2008 he will be off 14 or less.

This time last year, when he was off 28, I predicted he’d get to 20.

I wasn’t far away.

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