I am legend

No I am not boasting.

I am talking about the new Will Smith movie.

This kind of film is what going to the flicks is all about. I was scared witless from the first moment to the last. Admittedly I hadn’t realised it was a zombie movie (of sorts) before the titles rolled and it was a good 40 minutes before we even came across one, but Jeez, this is a film designed to make you jump. I won’t spoil it but, as they say, wear brown trousers.

I know zombie flicks are overdone of late.  But that’s not a reason to overlook this freakshow.


Will Smith is in fine form, essentially carrying the movie singlehandedly with very little human intervention. That’s because we understand him to be the last man standing after a genetically treated measels virus which was intended to eradicate the world of cancer went ugly overnight.


The scenes that have most redolence in this movie are the truly stunning and really eerie street scenes of an abandoned New York populated only by escaped zoo animals who aren’t that handy with lawnmowers, the result being that, for example, Madison Avenue is well on its way to becoming a maize feild with a bunch of abandoned, rusting cars lying around. Whole buildings are wrapped in polythyene, presumably a failed attempt to contain the virus in some way.

Smith looks great, acts pretty well and builds up a strong relationship with his only companion, his three year old Alsation, Sam.

The film is lavish. The sound engineering is both deafening and a major component to most of the shocks.

The zombies, while CGI’d at times, are genuinely creepy. They cannot come out in daylight as UV burns them on the spot so they huddle, vampire like, in ‘hives’ in gloomy dilapidated buildings waiting for nightfall when they take over the streets with their ghoulish hounds.

In one set piece when we KNOW Will shouldn’t go into a darkened building the tention is unbearable and more drawn out than a Strictly Come Dancing result. You KNOW it will culminate in a massive fright and it does, but that doesn’t stop it being eye-wateringly scary.

This is a cracker and my first 8 out of 10 movie of 2008.

Go see.

New year in the merde

Well, it was cold at 11.30 on new year’s day here in Scotland. So, doing this sort of sillines wasn’t a good idea, except that we made a fortune For Maggies Cancer Care Centres. So it wasn’t so daft after all was it?

A very pertinent point Pete. (And nice use of alliteration).


But triumphal all the same…


It was OK for the RNLI. They were prepared for the weather…


In fact they were loving it…


The Speedos made an appearance as promised.


I even got me tits oot fur the giruls…


But they reciprocated!


And we all went away happy for another year.


For those of you who made a pledge, would you mind sending me a cheque to the house made out to Maggies Centres. If you don’t know my home address call me. I ain’t publishing it here. It might attract crackpots!

Thank you all for your support once again.

It’s all on film here but a tad slow to load.

Thanks for this Doug!

And here too…

Thanks Mike

And here