Recent reading


Just finished this wee cracker. It’s a ripping yarn about an English crafty criminal turned double agent set during WWII. He’s a womaniser, a serial petty crook, safe breaker, heart breaker and code breaker. It’s all highly unlikely.

But it’s true.

A fun and very easy read that doesn’t need a military mind to enjoy it.


Looking forward to the almost inevitable movie.

So, Mixu has landed

The Mighty Hibees have a new manager. The mighty Mixu. He was a bit of a legend. Ok maybe he didn’t walk on water like JC. But at least he didn’t give up when things weren’t going so well.

Maybe he’ll be able to recreate some of this magic. (Watch carefully and you’ll see he did make a contribution! Three actually.)


Or, even better.


That’s 16 v 2 in only 2 games.

JC is now Judas. He got his bag of silver.

Maybe Mixu will have the stomach for a fight.